Saturday 21 April 2018

Made in Mozambique

Bahia Mar is proud to showcase the extraordinary talent of local artists and manufacturers in the gallery shop situated in the hotels’ foyer.

Here you can purchase craft, beauty products and food made exclusively in Mozambique, utilising only locally sourced products, plants and ingredients. In keeping with Bahia Mars’ philosophy - ‘protect, preserve, recycle’, the items sold are made with sensitivity to the environment and with consideration to sustainability.

Beautifully hand crafted silver jewellery, created by skilled artisans on Ibo Island in northern Mozambique, who learned their craft from early Arab traders, is always a popular purchase. The delicate, filigree design of the unique pieces, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, is testimony to their skill - a unique, affordable gift for someone special.

Founded in 2007, ALMA is a Tofo based company backed by concerned individuals and businesses anxious about the increasing waste being generated in this area of great natural beauty.  Working with volunteers in collaboration with the local Municipality, the company started with small projects such as beach cleaning, however it has now developed into a considerable recycling operation, generating craft from products many consider trash. Pot mats made from recycled newspapers or capalana covered bottle tops and place mats made from reclaimed crisp packets, illustrate just a few of their unique items which are light to carry and form a great talking point back home.

Beauty in bone
Astrid Sulger is a Swiss born designer who now lives in Mozambique. She has researched and written a book on the history of the Makonde people who reside predominantly in northern Mozambique and Tanzania. These early inhabitants are known for their exceptional skill in carving hard woods and it was perhaps from this influence that Astrid created her extraordinary jewellery made from cow horn. Astrid has trained many local, previously unemployed, craftsmen and the company is now producing and exporting pieces that are both individual and exceptional.

Bags made from colourful African prints and leather are the speciality of Pirikito a Maputo based design house. The fabrics are made using the hot wax method creating traditional designs, each one individual, unique and carefully manufactured. A personal gift for a special lady.

With its focus on wellness and good health Bahia Mar was careful about the skin and beauty products they sourced for the Gallery. Bom natural skin and hair products are Mozambican made, utilising only natural oils and plant extracts, rich in essential oils and minerals. With no added preservatives or colourants, this luxury body line is a proud addition to our gift range.

Food has not been forgotten and the Gallery stocks a select range which make perfect gifts and mementos.  Local coffee, honey, peri-peri, cashew butter and flowers of the sea – a mineral rich, locally harvested salt, along with dried fruit are easily transported back home, import restrictions permitting!

A visit to our Gallery provides an insight into the ingenuity, creativity and skills that are inherent in this beautiful country – Mozambique. Supporting the artists and creators of the select products that are stocked, helps to uplift, encourage and ensure the future of these self-reliant and dedicated entrepreneurs. 

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