Tuesday 4 July 2017

Fishing for Schools!

We entered our beautiful monohole luxury speedboat, Mothassane, into the annual Big Blue Vilankulo Sailfish Competition - in aid of our beloved community project Bonguilli, aiding pre-school education in the area. Our three fisherwoman (Susana, Gretha and Dee) were as new to fishing as their vessel and not many believed they actually stood a chance. Never the less, they prepared for 5 days of hard fishing on the high seas and Mothassane and the ladies, exceeded almost everyone’s expectations: The Mothassane Mermaids landed an overall second place and caught the biggest Whahoo of the week, weighing in at 21,5 kg!

“I learnt so much about fishing and the greater Billfish family in the 5 days at sea.” Dee Lourens  (our social media manager and photographer ) said after an exhausting week. “Our Captain Alex was meticulous and patient, teaching us exactly what to do when a fish strikes, why it was important to tagg them and what scientists from the Billfish Foundation actually do with genetic samples gathered from the fish’s fins prior to release.

More than anything I think I got a new appreciation for the incredible place we are so fortunate to call home, why it is important to share the beauties of the Archipelago with our guests and more so: that we have an incredible boat to do so.”

Mothassane has always been known as one of the most comfortable boats in Vilankulo - boasting with a pimping lounge in the bow - but she also has ample space for rods and tackle. We can now assure guests that besides snorkelling, island hopping and water-sports, our queen of the sea will be able to meet the expectation of many fisherman - from light trawling, jigging and popping. She is perfect.

“I think what I like the most of Mothassane is her versatility. Not only can she accommodate an entire family, she can keep the entire family or group of people happy - at the same time!”, Dee continued. “While dad hopes for a few tight lines at the back and on the sides of the vessel, mom can sunbathe in the front, or enjoy the beauty of the sea in the shade.”

During the course of the competition and in the weeks after, we shared an online donation portal where supporters of the Mothassane Mermaids could make small donations in aid of Bonguilli. We have secured 31 % of our overall goal, and urge our future and past guests to please consider supporting us with a spare $ or two.

Remember, here in Vilankulo, a little does indeed go a long way.

Tight lines and high seas! The Mothassane Mermaids will see you all next year, that is for sure!

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  1. This is nice and it looks like yo u had a great adventure. Thank you.